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We realise that both domestic and foreign companies long for the convenience, smoothness, certainty, efficiency, and effectivity in conducting their businesses, particularly when faced with changes in circumstances and regulations both within and outside of the company. During these times, the protection of company’s interests becomes paramount.

Law is a vital aspect of the business practice. By taking it into considerations, especially in making business decisions, complicated and costly disputes can be avoided, minimalised, or resolved early.

Understanding all that, we specially designed a one-stop legal service that cover the corporation’s needs from pre-establishment to post-establishment phase with the aim to provide the utmost legal protection for the companies in conducting its business activities under all circumstances.

Disputes and Litigation

Some disputes are inevitable

Understand the long and costly process of solving disputes

We aim to solve the disputes before it becomes more complicated and costly

Family and Relationship




(Pre/Post) Nuptial Agreement

Health & Medicine

Medical Practice Management

Risk Management

Policy and Governance

Sports Medicine and Anti-Doping


Corporate and Individual Immigration

Intellectual Property

Labour & Employment

Employment Consulting and Advisories

HR, Pensions, and Benefit Programs

Labour Disputes and Proceedings

Property and Real Estate

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